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Judge janet kentonwalker approved a motion pdf in 2010 to suppress any statements she made to law enforcement during her interrogation. It was, as alfred mccoy puts it, the codification of everything the cia had learned from its experiments throughout the 50s. A rare look at the police tactics that can lead to false. Effective interviewing and interrogation techniques.

Mcgee sighed, turning to face the owner of the voice that had just whispered in his ear. These principles and techniques of interrogation are to be used within the constraints established by the following. Enhanced interrogations dont work as well as regular ones. Africanamerican males in the criminal justice system, second edition jerome g. The use of these techniques is highly controversial and many people say that they are essentially methods of torture and illegal under the geneva convention. Instead, brennan became assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism for roughly the next four. Building on the previous editions groundbreaking search for truth in criminal and noncriminal investigations. There is indeed a torture manual and the cia literally wrote it. One thing that i think has sometimes been lost in all these years of controversy over the cia program, the enhanced interrogation techniques, having been there and playing a. The cia sources described a list of six enhanced interrogation techniques instituted in midmarch 2002 and used, they said, on a dozen top al qaeda targets incarcerated in isolation at secret locations on military bases in regions from asia to eastern europe. This manual incorporates the operational experiencesand lessons learned. Think of the reid technique for detectives in the same way as the basic negotiation techniques used by crisis negotiators. Educing information refers to information elicitation and strategic debrie. Foia documents related to the former detention and interrogation program 6541535 rippub 4 june.

The cia placed a junior officer with no relevant experience in charge. World leader in interviewing and interrogation training 209 west jackson blvd. Table of interrogation techniques recommendedapproved by. Guantanamo and its aftermath berkeley law university of. Guantanamo bay as a battle lab for new interrogation techniques u. He retired from ncis in 2005 and remains active in law enforcement training. Cic inquiries into many subjects that arc closely related to interrogation. Interrogation techniques issues in forensic psychology. This manual provides doctrinal guidance, techniques, and procedures governing employment of interrogators as human intelligence humint collection assets. Africanamerican males in the criminal justice system. Enhanced interrogation techniques or enhanced interrogation is a euphemism for the program of systematic torture of detainees by the central intelligence agency cia, the defense intelligence agency dia and various components of the u. A study finds that confessions are four times more likely when interrogators adopt a respectful stance toward detainees and. Interrogation may involve a diverse array of techniques, ranging from developing a rapport with the subject to torture.

The numbers behind the cias interrogation report data. Enhanced interrogation techniques or enhanced interrogation is a euphemism for the. Pdf the task force that led to the creation of the highvalue detainee interrogation group hig. So if you are one who has complained about our use of those enhanced interrogation techniques, prove that you are willing to give the topic some thought, that youre not just a kneejerk reactionary, by providing a list of techniques you would approve. Police training in interviewing and interrogation methods. The harsh interrogation techniques used by the cia in the years after sept. None of the above list were considered torture by the people using the tactics. The report from the senate intelligence committee on the cias interrogation techniques after the attacks of sept. Interview and interrogation welcome to posttest interrogation. Suite 400, chicago il 60606 8002555747 the international association of directors of law enforcement standards and training has awarded john e.

The effectiveness of harsh interrogation techniques. Pdf structured interviews of experienced humint interrogators. Interrogators indicated that excellent interpersonal skills on the part of an interrogator, an emphasis. When this has been done, there are four factors that appear with some regularity in false. There was little agreement among the dissidents who had been vigilant for a decade in calling attention to these egregious behaviors vs. In august 2009, attorney general eric holder announced a parallel preliminary criminal investigation into the use of unauthorized interrogation techniques by cia officials. Enhanced interrogation technique government intelligence. The cias use of its enhanced interrogation techniques was not an effective means of acquiring intelligence or. Documents related to the former detention and interrogation program.

In 1997, two additional cia manuals were declassified in response to a freedom of information act foia request filed by the baltimore sun. Reid and associates national certification for our 1day 3day and 4day courses. If it is the latter, thats great, because acting is an important ingredient in a successful interrogation. For example the integrated interrogation technique maximizes the interrogators ability to obtain a confession from the guilty suspect. Effective interviewing and interrogation techniques, second edition, is completely revised and updated so as to cover all the information a student needs to know to obtain answers from a witness, a victim, or a suspect and how to interpret these answers with the utmost accuracy. Senate intelligence committee report on cia torture.

It is to be read and discussed only by persons authorized by law. Tsnf results cias use of dojapproved enhanced interrogation techniques. Effective interviewing and interrogation techniques nathan j. Brennans involvement in the enhanced interrogation techniques practiced during the administration of pres.

On march 5, 2009, the senate intelligence committee voted 141 to open an investigation into the cia detention and interrogation program. Enhanced interrogations dont work as well as regular. Restrictions the purpose of this part of the handbook is to present basic information about coercive techniques available for use in the interrogation situation. I assume that if you have reached this point, youre doing just fine in the course, or you have fooled a lot of instructors. The manuals in question have been referred to by various media sources as the torture manuals. Established 1947 250 south wacker drive, suite 1200 3128761600. This report provides a concise overview of 1 the reid method of interrogation, 2 critiques of the reid method, and 3 alternative interrogation techniques. The full membership of the senate intelligence committee was not briefed on the techniques until hours before the detention and interrogation program was publicly disclosed by president bush in a speech on september 6, 2006. The committee study of the central intelligence agency s detention and interrogation program is a report compiled by the bipartisan united states senate select committee on intelligence ssci about the central intelligence agency cia s detention and interrogation program and its use of various forms of enhanced interrogation techniques in u.

A comparison of techniques used with adult and juvenile suspects hayley m. Depending on the technique used, they all use similar tactics. Your signature acknowledges you are such a person and you promise you. The employment of some basic interrogation techniques will differ based on. Many notable thinkers are, and will continue to be, involved in the debate over the use of eits. Timeline of cia detention and interrogation program. Mi interrogation units are a proven and valued collection asset. This memorandum responds to your request for an independent study of the foreign intelligence efficacy of using enhanced. Army and cia interrogation manuals are seven controversial military training manuals which were declassified by the pentagon in 1996. A cia contractor said saturday that allowing enhanced interrogation techniques many of which are considered to be torture to be used on terrorist detainees remains necessary. These are the approved methods of interrogation taught by sere u. Table of interrogation techniques recommendedapproved by u. Less attention has been paid to the question of whether such methods were legal under u.

Senate report finds cia interrogation tactics were ineffective. Khalid sheikh muhammad is captured and transferred to a cia detention site where he is subjected to the cias coercive interrogation techniques, including 183 instances of waterboarding. The humane interrogation technique that actually works. Interrogation techniques, a ncis fanfic fanfiction. Us senate report on cia detention interrogation program. Armed forces at black sites around the world, including bagram, guantanamo bay, and abu ghraib. He backed the use of enhanced interrogation techniques such as waterboarding. The reid method is a system of interviewing and interrogation widely used by police departments in the united states. It builds upon existing doctrine and moves interrogation into the 21st century. The cia used enhanced interrogation techniques for several years but it is unclear how many detainees were subjected to the methods.

Tsnf results cia s use of dojapproved enhanced interrogation techniques. Alice visited her local police station in response to detective barkers request that alice meet with him at her convenience to discuss a series of burglaries that had occurred in a neighborhood. Bush, which had come under criticism as amounting to torture. The role of medical professionals in detention and interrogation. In 1963, the agency created the kubark counterintelligence interrogation manual. Other articles where enhanced interrogation technique is discussed. Warner john jay college of criminal justice despite empirical progress in documenting and classifying various interrogation techniques, very little is. Senate intelligence committee study on cia detention and. This manual provides doctrinal guidance, techniques, and procedures governing.

Strategies and techniques page 3 when a nonunion employer or its agent security officer, human resource representative, supervisor or manager, etc. Educing information federation of american scientists. The convenient terrorist by john kiriakou and joseph hickman. In addition, we propose a testable model of how the domains may interact in the process of.

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