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The first stamping on the left of your m1 rifle barrel is a sideways london proof house mark, a raised arm holding a scimitar over np which is nitro proof. Together with the birmingham gun barrel proof house, the london proof house provides proofing and other services to the british gun trade. Need some help with these marks, i think the london marks are from the late 1800s and the birmingham marks are from about 77. The firearms manufacturers in birmingham benefited by this act because it was more convenient and faster for them to send their. Birmingham gun barrel proof house museum ammunition test. This gun was sent to the british in wwii under the lendlease program. The proof master the proof house 48 commercial road london e1 1lp united kingdom. Crossed sceptorsswords with a dot between them at the top, k 3 b at the bottom. The london provisional mark was introduced at some point during this proof period but even the proof house cannot be sure precisely when at this distance in time. I can only say what the commercial proof laws were at the time and they did require any arms that did not bear the marks of the london or birmingham proof houses, or accepted foreign proofs as laid down by the acts, to be proofed before they could be sold or transferred. Nitro proof mark question british militaria forums. The birmingham proof house conducted the exact same tests as the london proof house, but had different proof marks to indicate that the tests were done in birmingham rather than london. Proof testing of ammunition and explosive powders for the trade and home loader.

It is still done as it has been since the company was established in 1637. Markings on gun barrels and other gun components that indicate the level of pressure, calibre and standards that a weapon is fit for in service. A single letter, either roman or greek, upper or lower case, underlined or not. I have my greatgreat grandfathers double barrel side by side. From this we can narrow down the date that the rifle was imported from the uk to the us to between 195968.

The viewers mark was a capital v, also surmounted with a crown. The proof house has statutory duties to regulate the safety of firearms in the united kingdom. Proof marks ballistics bev fitchetts guns magazine. For example, this means that a gun with belgian proof marks can be sold in the uk without being reproofed because belgium is a cip member. This is a very unique and rare look at that birmingham england proofing process where in the end they stamp guns with a british proof marks certifying their integrity. The building was designed by john horton and consists of a centre bay, emphasised by a segmental parapet, which contains trophies by william hollins. Currently the proof house uses three different methods to mark proof on a barrel. Examples of proof marks impressed by the birmingham proof house proof testing of ammunition and explosive powders for the trade and home loader. A gun barrel proof testing house commissioned by the guardians of the birmingham gun barrel proof house from john horton and opened in 18. Sample photos of their layouts are at the bottom of the page.

Ill update next time i stop by the museum and can get my book back. Examples of proof marks impressed by the birmingham proof house. Ls birmingham proof house where all guns are tested. Almost 200 years later the purpose of the birmingham gun barrel proof house remains essentially unchanged and is able to offer many additional services to that of proof. The british birmingham proof house marks are bv, np, mp all with crown.

As a result, the birmingham proof house was established in 18, by act of parliament, it was requested and obtained by the birmingham trade at its own expense. For corroboration, crossreference with the proof house controllers mark. It can be seen that there are different marks for military proof and definitive proof and a gun that only carries military proof marks must be resubmitted to the proof house for retesting. This has the birmingham proof marks and the mark sharpe extra proof. This charter marked the introduction of proof into england. May be together with private makers marks and stamps. Normally plaved between viewmark and definitive proof mark. Diggory hadokes vintage guns has illustrations of 19 th and 20 th century proof marks from london and birmingham. The view mark is a means of indicating where, when, and by whom a proof inspection was performed. Wirnsberger describes it as a mark used before 1923 on breechloading underlever shotguns, and describes a nearly identical mark only as a mark used by eibar proof house between december 14, 1929 and july 9, 1931. Birmingham proof house matthew brown photography blog many of the ww2 lend lease guns that are found in the us now have these british proof house stamps on them from when they.

Gunmakers would partly make a gun and as soon as it could be fired would send it the the birmingham or london proof house to be inspected. For example, if a rifle that carries only the birmingham crown over bm military proof mark is to be sold or offered for sale then it must be re. The drawings vary in style due to differences in the original information. Proof marks austrian proof marks proof mark circa proof house type of proof and gun since 1891 vienna provisional proof for multi barrel guns since 1891 ferlach provisional proof for multi barrel guns 18921918 prague provisional proof for. Damascus iron was manufactured in birmingham by wiswould and adams by about 1820 and charles lancaster supplied purdey. I dont have access to the notes i wrote up while i was researching this item, but these are from the birmingham proofing house i forget what each one means individually. From nigel brown, british gunmakers, vol 2, quiller press, 2005. It looks like there are london proof marks 18961904. The proof master the gun barrel proof house banbury street birmingham b5 5rh united kingdom. The majority of marks will be found on the barrel flats, though early guns may have stamps on the tubes, under the forend.

The table below can be used to see if your gun was proofed in london or birmingham. The oldest one is still in use today, and that is taking a punch with a proof mark on it and hammering it into the metal of the barrel. British proofs on 1940 m1 rifle barrel gunboards dot com. Can anyone direct me to a site that displays the proof marks from the birmingham proof house or a publication. Blunderbusses, pistols, and every other description of fire arms which mould be brought to the proof house at birmingham to be proved according to the provisions of the said. The building was added to by charles edge in 1860, bateman and corser in 186870 and again in 1876, and by jethro cossins in 1883. Colt 1911 w british proofs found on consignment at lgs. Had your garand been proofed at the birmingham proof house, the mark would have been a crown over bnp which is birmingham nitro proof. The london marks may be accompanied by private makers marks, those for birmingham will be unofficial private proof and makers marks. Webley mk vi 1915 any information about markings other. Most are black silhouettes, but some of those that have been produced from photographs have. Provided below are the contact details for both uk proof houses. Many old guns may have been reproved once or more, often in a different proof house from the original one.

In england, the london and birmingham proof houses were established in 1637 and 18, respectively by royal charter to protect the public from the sale of unsafe weapons. Proof marks are stamps applied to various parts of a weapon during and after manufacture to show that the weapon is safe for use with the ammunition for which it was designed. Because many rifles may have been imported or, prior to sale on the civilian market, have only had military proof marks, then dating from the birmingham or london proof house marks needs to be treated with a degree of both caution and common sense. The deac proof mark consists of crossed sceptres for birmingham proof house the letters d and a on either side of the crossed section, and another letter for the inspector at the botttom. Did a buy today that included a flintlock pistol made, research revealed, by a john sharpe of birmingham, england, who made guns from about 18111831. The birmingham gun barrel proof house is a weapons proofing establishment in banbury street, birmingham, uk. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the many interesting facilities and services that our famous birmingham gun barrel proof house is able to offer. Lower down on the same page the mark is shown again and is once more identified as, birmingham private proof of ketland, c. Amongst proof marks are codes enabling one to determine the date of manufacture of many guns. It is the birmingham proof house date mark for weapons proofed in 1959. Lagopus, could i hook onto this line and ask someone to read these proof marks from an em reilly 12 bore, sn 35186 which per my chart is 18981903 probably around 1900. Proof masters in london and birmingham can be contacted at the addresses below. Birmingham proof house date marks the doublegun bbs. German landespolizei zollamt proof, usually over an eagle and city name.

Antaris describes it as so early eibar house proof. Dating your rifle index welcome page for the historic. To establish this rule, they constructed a proof house near the city of london. The growth of gun making in london led in 1637 to the incorporation by royal charter of the london company of gunmakers. Would the birmingham proof house mark the barrels as reproofed if the original proof was done else where. Nitro proof mark question nitro proof mark question. Brimingham proof marks the firearms forum the buying. The birmingham gun barrel proof house is a weapons proofing establishment in. However, as the us has no federated proof system and american makers conduct their own proof tests, us guns must be proofed on arrival in the uk, because the us is not a cip member. I know that it was made in birmingham by one of the lesser. Under the provisions of the gun barrel proof act, all guns sold in the united kingdom must undergo proof to test the basic soundness of barrel and action. Under the rules imposed on proof houses in europe and other countries, set by our governing body, the commission internationale permanente cip. Birmingham proof house, birmingham, united kingdom. However, on the righthand side of your frame is the bham proof mark and the letters b.

Ferunion export house handling arms made in hungary, located in budapest. Abbreviations translate as customs police, and was used in the weimer era. One online antique arms dealer advertised one of these by saying these were made for export. The poof mark is of of british origin from 18681925, proof house. They would then do more work on the gun and then send it back for the full proof test. Birmingham gun barrel proof house, banbury street, birmingham.

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